Why do we do what we do?  Simple. We love guns and we love the 2nd Amendment. We also love our families, friends and neighbors. There is a lot of evil in this world and we want to make sure you have a leg up when it comes to battling it. Our instructors have over 40 years combined military, law enforcement, and competitive shooting. Plain and simple, we’re good at what we do, and we want to pass out knowledge and skIll set along to you. 

Craig Carroll - Owner and instructor
Think “John Wick... With a Texas accent.”
My father was very proud of his country. As a Vietnam Vet, having served in the Army, he got me involved in trapshooting early in life.  During college, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, but my military career wasn’t meant to be. I injured my knee early on.  After a while in banking and trying the desk job thing, I knew that I needed to get back in the fight so to speak, so training people to defend themselves is a great fit. 

Spence (Grumpy Cat) - Instructor 
Marine Corps Vet.  Former LEO. Shooting instructor.  Spence makes some really bad coffee and never misses a chance to make fun of when I bang my head on something. 

Wilson (Squirrel) - Instructor
He’s like the Brazilian Zoolander. Never passes up the chance to take a Selfie.  

Nick - Tactical First Aid
18 Bravo combat medic